Improve the overall quality of life of persons with disabilities and ensure full participation and acceptance in society


  • Empower persons with disabilities to access interventions and rehabilitation services to promote maximum independence and confidence
  • Enable families and communities to spread awareness and build capacity to aid acceptance and participation of persons with disabilities who require assistance and support


Unconditional acceptance, respect, and care, irrespective of age or severity



Three special educators founded Shristi Special Academy in 1995: Suchita Somashekaraiah, Sharon Watts, and Meena Jain.

Way Forward

Diagnostic Centre: A facility for comprehensive assessment, guidance, and referrals to access appropriate services
Independent Living Skills Lab: A facility to train beneficiaries and families for independent living of persons with disabilities

Capital Expenses
Rain Water Harvesting: Recharge the existing bore well and ensure water management Refurbishing 10
Classrooms: Furnishing each classroom and enabling space management for various activities

Cross Disability Workshop/ Inclusive Self Help Groups: Provide employment to 100 beneficiaries (including women from the rural community and families of persons with disabilities)
Extend CBR across 90 villages in Magadi Taluk: Train parents and volunteers to implement necessary interventions for beneficiaries who are unable to avail services at Shristi because of the distance
Share technical expertise with other NGOs to set up early intervention centres

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