Success Stories

Mangalgowri, a girl with Cerebral Palsy, comes from a poor socio-economic background. Her parents are illiterate and her father is a daily wage earner. She and her brother, who also has special needs, are both enrolled with Shristi. At the time of admission, Mangalgowri had no neck control and could not speak. Her parents were separated and her mother was under severe depression. At this point, Shristi intervened to help the whole family. In addition to the many family counselling sessions provided to her parents and the extended family, several home visits were also made to ensure that both the children get accepted in the family and come to Shristi regularly. Shristi also referred Mangalgowri's mother to a hospital for treatment where she was admitted for more than a week. During that time, some female staff of Shristi used to take turns to take care of Mangalgowri. They used to take her home in the evening and bring her to Shristi in the morning. The hospital expenses were borne by a few senior staff at Shristi.

Today, with all the support provided through interventions and family services, Mangalgowri can walk with support. Though her speech is not very clear, she can use a few words to communicate. Her parents are no longer separated and her mother works in few houses as a housemaid.

Subbarna is 58 years old and is diagnosed with Mild Mental Retardation. He lives independently in a rented house near the Shristi campus. His brother lives in Bangalore city and visits him occasionally.

Since joined Shristi in 2009, Subbarna has been working in the sheltered workshop. Per day he can make 30 big size paper bags and eyelets for 100 paper bags. He is also capable of making soap oil and phenyl without any supervision. While his brother buys groceries for him, Subbarna pays the room rent from the monthly stipend he earns at the workshop. Recently, he has also started helping as a bus-attendant to help pick and drop children for short distances.

Rakesh is 4 years old. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, he was enrolled with Shristi when he was 2.5 years old. At the time he had no sitting balance and couldn't even crawl.

Today, Rakesh speaks clearly and bunny hops for mobility. He can also pull himself up to stand with support. Rakesh loves to play with puzzles and balls.

Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Dhanush is 6 years old. When he joined Shristi, he could do absolutely nothing. He used to lie on the floor all day long.

Now he has neck control and can roll on the floor. His awareness about his surrounding has improved and he responds with a yes or no to basic question with gestures. He recently started speaking 2-3 words. Dhanush loves playing with toys that produce sound and also likes to transfer objects.

Rishita, a 5-year-old girl with Microcephaly and speech and language delay, joined Shristi's Chiguru unit about a year ago. At the time of enrolment, she used to speak a few single words that were not clear. In addition to not being toilet trained and dependent for feeding, Rishita would not mingle with other kids and preferred being alone. There was also serious apprehension among her family members (she lives in a joint family) about letting her join a special school. Along with training the child, Shristi focused on counselling the family members through home visits and regular parent meetings with the senior faculty including a family counsellor.

Gradually Rishita not only began to love playing with friends, she also started participating in all group activities, cultural programmes such as music and dance shows, and spontaneously helping other children in the class when needed. Now she speaks in full sentences that are clear and loud. She can feed herself and is toilet trained.

Today, Rishita goes to a normal school called Bangalore Blaze. The family is very happy with her progress and her mother was encouraged to do a short-term course on disability. Currently she is working as a parent volunteer at Shristi.

Pradeep, a cute little child from Saathi group is 4 years old. He has improved in all areas despite irregular attendance and serious problems that his parents are going through. Initially he would cling to his mother and cry without a break, refusing to participate in any activity. Thanks to the loving care and consistent work by the special educators, today, he stays in the class without his mother and participates in all activities. Pradeep is cheerful most of the time and interacts well with his teachers and therapists.

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