Backed by a multidisciplinary team comprising special educators, psychologists, therapists (physio, speech, music and occupational), family counsellor, support staff, vocational instructors, medico social workers, and parent volunteers, our services can be broadly classified under two categories:

Habilitation Services:

Speech Therapy:

Speech therapy helps persons with disabilities communicate to the best of their ability. Techniques used include non-verbal communication such as gestural communication and exchange of picture cards

Music Therapy:

Music therapy is used to help persons with disabilities develop cognitive, learning, perceptual, social, and emotional skills


With specific treatment to suit persons with disabilities' needs, age, and abilities, our team of physiotherapists uses fun games and activities to help promote normal development. We interact closely with parents, caregivers, and teachers to help them better understand

Occupational Therapy:

Occupational therapy builds skills that enable persons with disabilities to carry out day-to-day activities. This helps improve skills in daily living and develop fine motor skills and visual coordination

Running Therapy:

Recognising the value that long distance running can bring to persons with disabilities; this therapy was introduced in June 2012. In addition to favourable behavioural changes, participants become more attentive, active, independent and social

Special Education:

We have designed a planned and monitored system of teaching to help persons with disabilities achieve a higher level of self-sufficiency and success in the community

Vocational Training:

Vocational training enhances the employment prospects of persons with disabilities. And we offer a wide range of supportive services that prepare them while integrating into society

Special Services:

Family Counselling:

To enhance the quality of family life, family counselling services are provided to both persons with disabilities and their families. Our counsellors and team members make regular home visits to understand family dynamics and provide appropriate counselling. In addition, we also help build awareness on dealing with persons with disabilities, as well as fostering acceptance and understanding the nature of disabilities


Balanced nutrition is a necessity for health and overall development and even more so for persons with disabilities. We serve balanced and nutritious food in our dinning room, which also serves as an opportunity to teach self-reliance and hygiene. Meals are provided to beneficiaries from double disadvantaged background i.e. low socio-economic strata and disabilities. Specifically in children suffering from epilepsy and challenging behaviours, nutritious food helps in proper absorption of medicines


Using public transport is challenging and time-consuming for persons with disabilities. Shristi provides transportation to help beneficiaries learn how to travel independently

Training for parents and formal school teachers:

The academy conducts training programmes for parents and school teachers to enhance and update technical knowledge in order to improve service delivery

Social Work:

We work closely with government offices to ensure that persons with disabilities get social security benefits. Securities such as disability ID card, disability pension, NIRAMAYA-Health Insurance, bus and train passes are provided to all students

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