Our focus on providing holistic support to persons with disabilities is achieved through individualised, comprehensive programmes. These interventions facilitate independence, social interaction, cognitive growth, and communication skills.


Saathi or early childhood programme caters to the 0-14 age group. Shristi partners with families during the critical early years to spot and diagnose children with Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy, and Multiple Disabilities. The main objective of the programme is to improve children's motor, social, communication, and educational skills. It also helps identify and enhance inherent talents in sports, arts, music, and dance.


With the aim to help Persons with disabilities through early intervention, this pre-school programme includes both normal children and those with developmental delays. It is an AARAMBH-inclusive pre-school curriculum UNICEF-approved programme with a curriculum that provides opportunities for special children to learn along with normal peers and in turn normal children learn to accept children with special needs.


Targeting individuals of all ages with Autism Spectrum Disorders, this programme provides a favourable environment for developing adaptive behaviours. Prakruti gives intensive life skills training in addition to sensory integration therapy, and individuals in the programme are encouraged to develop alternate communication using pictures or word cards


Designed for children with severe Multiple Disabilities and significantly low intellectual ability, Prayatna provides assistance to families to avoid disengagement of children with special needs. Under this programme, children are trained to communicate their basic needs and taught to be independent. In addition, care groups are created to facilitate sensory development, cognitive stimulation, and cooperation for self care. Parents too are trained in effective care giving and management of their child


A home-based rehabilitation programme, Samudaya encourages community involvement in over 30 villages surrounding our campus. The objective of this programme is to provide intervention at home for those who cannot travel. This is done by networking and collaborating with local bodies to create awareness and self-help groups


A pre-vocational training and vocational training unit, its aim is to develop skills for employability and independent living for persons with disabilities. Targeted at children above 14 years, the programme teaches different processes such as collating, assembling, sorting, etc. Additionally, advanced self care and domestic skills such as cooking, ironing, and social etiquette are also taught under this programme


Sadhana is a sheltered workshop that aims at providing employment opportunities for adults (above 21 years) with disabilities. The workshop emphasises on choosing work that fits each person's skill set and provides safe alternatives and less demanding work environments, giving beneficiaries opportunities to foster friendships. They also get a remuneration for their work

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