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Shristi Special Academy is a non-profit organisation established by three special educators. Through education and training, the academy helps train and develops skills in persons with disabilities – including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Intellectual Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, and Multiple Disabilities.

At Shristi, we work to enable the overall development and rehabilitation of children using a scientifically designed and child-centric curriculum. Our essence lies in ‘creation’ (Shristi stands for creation in Hindi) of a holistic approach that is aimed at overall development — mental, physical, and emotional. This is enabled through various forms of intervention from rehabilitation training and nutrition to medical screening and treatment to all individuals irrespective of their age or social status.

In addition, we also conduct parent empowerment and counselling sessions where parents interact with leading professionals from different fields (nutritionists, counsellors, Neurologists, Paediatricians and leading and experienced professionals in this field). Shristi also networks with government departments to secure benefits for persons with disabilities; and takes pride in providing consulting support in our areas of work, to other organisations in need of the same.

Why Us?

Shristi Special Academy is among the few institutes that offer comprehensive services for the overall development of persons with disabilities. We are recognised for our:

  • Services offered to individuals of all ages: Shristi is one of the very few institutions in Bangalore to offer early intervention services for infants and children. We have a full-time, multidisciplinary, center-based programme that is proven to successfully integrate infants and young children with developmental delays into mainstream schools. We have been successful in doing this with students who have earlier been denied such schooling or have had adjustment problems.
  • Training centre: Shristi is a well-recognised training centre for courses in special education. With several years of experience, the directors and team members of the academy are often invited to address sessions at national and international events.
  • Customised furniture: Sensitive to the specific needs of persons with disabilities, we employ specially designed furniture to assist us with life-skill training and education.
  • Specialised infrastructure: We are the only institution to offer a reflexology park on our premises. This facility is scientifically built to aid overall health and complements our sensory park (complete with equipment that drives sensory perception) in providing holistic interventions. Our campus also has an observation room where stakeholders can discretely observe therapeutic intervention.
  • Parent involvement: At Shristi, we insist on more involvement from parents — as much as 80% more as compared to many other institutions. As we are focussed on holistic rehabilitation, we involve parents through several initiatives, giving them opportunities to learn vocational skills, therapies, special education etc. in order to empower their children.
  • Inclusive services for special individuals: Shristi is one of the few institutions emphasising on individual need-based development. While the mandated teacher-child ratio is 1:8, we maintain a ratio of 1:3 to ensure that our students get quality individual care and attention.



Manava Seva Dharma Samvardhini Social Excellence Award for Women in Social Excellence


Arpit Arts Academy Certificate of Achievement for 15 Years of Committed Service in Special Education


Celebrated Family Day for the first time with fun, games and competitions for family members of all students at Shristi


Rotary Service Award, for the best vocational Training Centre
Rotary award on the occasion of Women's Day from Rotary Udyog Yeshwantpur


Rotary Vocational Service Award to Ms. Suchita Somashekaraiah, Founder of Shristi


5 Gold medals in the Special Olympics



Shristi Special Academy is a non-profit organisation that was founded in June 1995 by three special educators. The institute has been working to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities by making them self-reliant.

Touched by the founders' passion and dedication to their cause, a donor gifted them land on the outskirts of the city. Offset from the main road and set amidst fields ringed by trees, the main campus was established in 2002. In addition to facilities that meet the needs of students, the campus also has the space to accommodate future expansion plans and increase vegetable patch.

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