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The Shristi Run 2020 is an annual event organised by Shristi Special Academy in collaboration with Runner's High. The run is open to all and is organised in two categories: 5K and 10K. Shristi Special Academy is a non-profit organisation that works to empower persons with disabilities. Established in 1995, Shristi has been at work to create opportunities and training for rehabilitation of individuals with developmental disabilities. As the name suggests this event is focussed on enabling. Enabling students enrolled with us at Shristi to directly benefit from running as a therapy and enabling the organisation with the funds generated. The event helps showcase the abilities of persons with disabilities and the positive impact long-distance running has on their lives. Shristi Run 2020 also builds awareness about Shristi in the society, and participation with Shristi students allows participants to enhance and nurture their acceptance of PWDs in the society. This is an event that brings all stakeholders — beneficiaries, families of PWDs, donors, volunteers, regular school kids, and the community — on a single platform. The surrounding villages also benefit as they too build awareness and increasingly partner with Shristi to make our services community-based.In addition, the run is an opportunity for our beneficiaries to interact and participate in a community event. It is also an opportunity to get the community's sustainable support to achieve Shristi's mission and vision.

Why Running?

Running – good for the health and the soul!

Running provides health benefits that go beyond any prescribed medication. Studies have shown that running for about 30 minutes every day can help prevent serious medical problems such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, chronic heart disease etc. Not just that, running also positively impacts emotional and mental health, adding years to a person's life. Hence, running is instrumental in the development and therapy for persons with disabilities.

Running with Runner's High
Inspired by the benefits of running, we started a training programme for children and staff in collaboration with Runner's High last year. With an aim to make running a regular part of the children's lives, we started with small distances and trained for four days in a week.

It was inspirational to see the children break out of their barriers, enjoy their time outside, and exceed expectations with regard to their running capabilities. Everybody finished the programme successfully and we hope to see increased participation in subsequent programmes.

To know more on why running is important, visit the Runner's High website.

Why Shristi Run 2020?

Special Olympics Training Programme

The funds raised from Shristi Run 2020 will be used to meet the expenses incurred by our long distance running training programme. For the children involved, this programme has resulted in improved discipline, social skills, behavioural skills etc.


Budget 2014

Particlulars of Expenses Project Cost
Route Marking & Parking logistics 3000
Printing Bibs ,Safety pins, Markers 10000
Breakfast 1000/- x 50/- 50,000
Aid Station Support 8000
Certificate & Medals 1000 x Rs.60 60,000
Banners 2500 /- x 6 Bners 15000
Fliers 3000
Photograph 5000
Honorarium to M.C 5000
Ambulance & Medical Support Team 5000
Admin cost- around 10% of budget which covers phone, email, transport, internet, coordination, etc 15000
Total Estimated Budget Rs. 179,000


The Shristi Run 2020 was quite a long drive, but the NICE road made it enjoyable. It was a perfect day to enjoy a long drive and a long run, which is why it still remains in memory even now. The route was also nice with a few hilly sections and a beautiful view of the short valley. There was some thing magical about the route, because I performed my unofficial personal best making me wonder if the route was shorter than usual.. After the run, the energy of the kids, the tasty breakfast, and the tour around the Academy was the icing on the cake. For folks wondering about the long drive - totally worth it!!

Nikunj Manocha

Firstly, I would like to thank you all the wonderful work you folks do at Shristi Special Academy. I participated in the Shristi Run 2020 last year and I must admit, it was one of the most fulfilling runs I have ever been part of – not just in terms of the run but also the collective experience of being part of such a wonderful community of runners. It was very well organized, so much so that the support and cheering from the kids, in terms of their effort and spirit could humble even the 'bigger' events organized across the country. The volunteers were tireless in their pursuit to ensure that everything, from water stops to parking arrangements, were well organized to give the runners a great overall experience. The enthusiasm among the kids, who were all lined up along the last 200m stretch, motivated every runner to finish strong and was hard to forget. I strongly encourage our fellow runners to be part of this wonderful initiative, do our bit for the community, and finally do what we love most... RUN!

Abhineet Awasthi

I really loved the experience of participating in Shristi Run 2020.
What bowled me over was the high enthusiasm of the kids, it was very infectious.

Ravanan Natarajan

At the outset, thanks a ton for inviting us to run for the event. The event was very well organized. The organizers deserve a standing ovation. The splendid weather during the day also added to the charm to the event.

I would like to personally appreciate the efforts being made by the management of Shrishti Foundation for doing such kind work for kids with special needs. Last but not the least, I thoroughly enjoyed running for a good cause.

Srinivas Iyer