Shristi Special Academy is a non-profit organisation that strives for the self-reliance and acceptance of special individuals. Since our establishment in 1995, we have been supporting persons with disabilities. We do this by providing multiple work-related and training opportunities.
Looking back over the years, it gives us an immense sense of joy to see how we have grown in our ability to provide holistic care and support. From a two-room facility with three children at our inception, we have today blossomed into two campuses, supporting 1,000+ beneficiaries. One of our campuses is devoted to services for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders, while the other supports persons with Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Multiple Disabilities.

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Member of Disability NGOs’ Alliance
Disability NGOs’ Alliance (DNA) is a forum of NGOs that works with constituencies to improve the disability environment in Karnataka and the well-being of NGOs in the sector. It focuses on donation enhancement, cost reduction, improving recruitment, directory of trained professionals, and a master website with high Google ranking.

Under the area of donation, DNA

  • Conducts two seminars every year for CSR Staff – allowing NGOs to showcase their work (by giving talks or putiing up stalls)
  • Organises training and mentorship in resource mobilisation for NGO staff
  • Creates schemes that provide access to more government funds

DNA educates NGOs on cost reduction by encouraging them to collaborate with

  • Roadways/Railways departments for free passes or discounts for NGO staff
  • Vendors for discounts on photocopy services, catering, stationery etc.
  • Government for built infrastructure
  • Government and private sector to provide a meeting area for short-term and medium projects

As the sector’s biggest concern is increasing the number of potential participants, DNA works with various departments such as Higher Education, IT, and Women & Child Welfare. It also recruits senior leaders to provide mentor support.

DNA’s main aim is to enhance the sector significantly by showcasing sector-level projects such as

  • Early Intervention Programmes that have a multispeciality team to support various Center for Women Development (CWD) at the block level
  • Nomination of State/District nodal officer to implement projects of Urban Local Bodies
  • Government funds received for human resources training

In addition, DNA has a District Early Intervention Center (DEIC) that screens children and provides diagnosis and treatment to selected children. DEIC ensures that children who are born sick, preterm, underweight, or any defects are provided with treatment and regular follow-ups. It also has a scheme that supports parents of these children at the block level.

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